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Team Cheerleaders and Mission


As a successful Massage Therapist with a thriving practice, I had been intrigued with the ability of our bodies to harness the properties that Essential Oils could offer us in the way of support and balance.  Ever since my first introduction to them in Massage School, I was hooked!  ​Once I graduated, my next step was to find a pure, quality line of oils from a company I could trust.  I wanted only the best for my clients and my dogs.  It took 11 years of searching, trial and error, but in 2012 my efforts paid off when I was introduced to - and fell in love with - the doTERRA brand of essential oils and wellness products.

Who We Are

Spas & Paws is a Team of doTERRA Essential Oil Enthusiasts across the USA and around the world who are passionate about the vitality and balance that these oils and products bring to their families' lives.  We want to share this health with you, your family and your dogs!

About Spas & Paws

My Mission is to share my knowledge and passion to empower others to heal physically, emotionally, and financially - living in Balance and JOY!

Spas & Paws offers on-going free classes every week in the Southern California area, specifically in San Diego's East County communities of El Cajon and Santee.  Most of our classes are live-streamed so our Enthusiasts out of the area can have fun and learn right along with the rest of us!  We are also traveling across the USA teaching our classes for you - the Massage Therapists, Moms, Dog Professionals and Pet Owners, and anyone with an interest in natural support for their body's healing abilities.  Just reach out with the CONTACT link below to have us set a time to come meet you in person.

Spas & Paws

Why dōTERRA?

Classes & Webinars